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CVLTNATION Sonic Cathedrals vol CXXVI curated by OWLFOOD

CXXVI_OWLFOOD_COVER-550x550Sonic Cathedrals vol-CXXVI

CVLTNATION review and stream of DOTM

5948_542456159110930_555358722_n“The celebration of sorrowful ambiance is what awaits anyone who is willing to dive into Owlfood’s latest exploit, Destroyers of the Moon”

CVLTNATION speaks about DOTM

Aquarius Records reviews DOTM in New Arrivals #427

aqlogodarker“We loved the most recent record on Paradigms from these Boston psychedelic drifters, a haunting collection of abstract dronefolk and electronic flecked ambient drift. But for whatever reason, we never got enough copies to list, which is a shame, cuz it’s definitely something aQ dronefans would dig. But hopefully, we’ll make up for it a bit with this new one, a single track lp called Destroyers Of The Moon, which is a gloriously epic landscape of cinematic swirls, of dusky twang, of thick analog synth thrum, sweeping strings, subtly psychedelic effects, super dark and brooding, haunting and cinematic, the music is a lush layered sprawl of long tones, of disembodied chamber music, and of ominous dronefolk doominess. The vocals are a raspy whisper, giving the movements with vocals the feel of one of the Neurosis acoustic side projects, but when the vocals fade, the sound blossoms into something more abstract, draping smoldering folky twang over heaving rumbles and swells, the vibe is a little bit Barn Owl, a little bit later Earth, some slow build Godspeed going on too, especially with the strings, and while it’s not a single album long track proper, it is essentially a linked set of songs, an epic songsuite of spectral, minimalist doom folk chamber psych dreaminess.
But it’s not all hushed and dreamlike, thick swaths of fuzz guitar roll in, adding some shadowy heft, and transforming the sound into something a bit more droned out and almost metallic, but never fully loosing itself from the swirling psychedelic spaciness and creeping downer folk that is the core of Owlfood’s sound. There’s one stretch of soft, rumbling noise, droned out and mesmerizing, that gradually coalesces into some clanging jangly chords, bursting into some noisy effects heavy strum, the vocals follow suit, even more heavily effected, it’s super dramatic and tripped out, and might just be the best part of the record, tense and intense, super tripped out, but still anchored by those Morricone-esque guitar melodies, building to a seriously freaked out sonic squall, one we almost wish could have been sustained for the rest of the record, but instead, the song shifts back into doomfolk mode, and the rest of the record, drifts darkly, from strummed, sinister mesmer, to string flecked folk-drone shimmer, finishing with a bit of swirling string psychedelia.
LIMITED TO 250 COPIES!! Includes a digital download as well!”

Reckless Records in Chicago

Has copies of DESTROYERS OF THE MOON. If you are in the area pick one up along with some other records.

Tiny Mix Tapes says…

tmt2_logo“Can you remember the last time you witnessed something truly beautiful?…. a happening, or a chance that took your breath away and made you reassess your values? It’s likely you have, and for that Owlfood have the soundtrack for it.”

Tiny Mix Tapes Cerberus

omgvinyl – DOTM

“beautifully depsondent music”

guide me little tape praises DOTM

guidemelittletape.com is a carefully written blog. Brian has a skilled ear and a thoughtful pen. I’ve discovered a lot of obscure sounds here. We appreciate Brian taking the time to write this perceptive review of Destroyers of the Moon. Thommy

“Like ascent and descent into and out of the mind. I found myself in moments of deep concentration, examining each element, and then off in a daydream consuming the sound as an emotional whole.”

guide me little tape

Anti-Gravity Bunny reviews DOTM

“… dreams interchanged with reality in the throws of hypnosis, a delicate melancholic record of harrowing black folk, beautiful & exceptionally original.”

Anti-Gravity Bunny


off of the forth coming release DESTROYERS OF THE MOON

LP coming April 2nd 2013 on BEHIND THE DOOR

Owlfood is:
Michael Hutcherson
Anna Saraceno
Thommy Saraceno

Special Guest Musicians:
Meghan Mulhearn – Violin
David Bentley – Cello
Nicolas Giadone Ward – Upright Bass
Greg Moss – Bass Guitar

Mastered by James Plotkin